Custom Integration


We help our clients integrate their travel management system with corporate networks, Single Sign-On (SSO), web services, custom data feeds, and more.

Single Sign-On (SSO) from your company intranet

  • Control the authentication process
  • SSO eliminates the need for the user to maintain multiple login ID’s and passwords
  • Reduce the time spent in recovering and resetting traveler passwords

Manage approver for AuthorizerPRO and profile data in ProFILER Express with one-time or ongoing real-time data feeds from HR or other systems.

Populate Solutions with Data Feeds

  • HR data can be the primary source of profile data
  • Manage approvers for AuthorizerPRO with data feeds
  • Fully automated data feeds ensure data integrity

Supports across multi GDS and multi TMCs

Supports online and offline booking

Trondent Managed System

Clients who wish to have Trondent customize a TDC product to fit specific needs, should contact us for specific project sizing.