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Sourcing PNR data directly from all of the GDSs, TMCs and OBTs, and instantly exporting it to clients is a core competency we have refined for the last 25 years 

XML Export Delivers Fresh PNR Data

Our XML Export tool sources passenger name record (PNR) data directly from any/all Global Distribution Networks (GDSs), re-formats the data based on clients’ specifications and sends it, in nearly real-time,  to the end user(s).  The data is presented in a consistent format regardless whether it originates in a GDS, TMC or an OBT and includes both ticketed and pre-ticketed PNRs. 

The PNR data is transmitted securely via an HTTP post, SOAP or REST web-service API, or stored in an SFTP folder from which the client can retrieve it at their convenience.  

Many computer systems contain data in incompatible formats, so importing data can be challenging. Plus, when large amounts of data (as is the case with PNR data) are converted, some of its quality is often lost.  We can help with that!  We deliver live PNR data, in the format of your choice, without compromising data integrity along the way.

We have successful use case scenarios established with meetings and events management companies, risk management companies, data analytics companies, duty of care providers, corporations, travel management companies, online booking tools and others.  

Practical Scenarios

Data analytics firms often work with travel data which is 30 to 60 days old.  By the time their reports reach the corporate client and management has the opportunity to make any necessary changes, even more time has passed and a lot of money – unnecessarily wasted.  Corporations benefit greatly from acquiring relevant data in a timely manner, providing them with the opportunity to react swiftly in addressing policy, procedural or behavioral issues, just to name a few.

When, where and how a client uses XML can vary widely.

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Supports across multiple GDSs and multiple TMCs

Supports online and offline bookings