ProFILER Express

Web-based Travel Profile Management System

Managing traveler profiles has never been easier or more efficient!

Now your travelers can maintain the integrity of their own profile information that syncs with all major global distribution networks and online booking tools instantly.

Centralized Travel Profile Data

Traditionally, travel profiles were built and maintained by a combination of both travelers and travel professionals.  This was an inefficient and labor-intensive process that yielded outdated or incomplete profiles, with no standardization from system to system.

Critical information such as contact data, travel preferences and accounting fields did not move across to the PNR, resulting in a less-than-satisfactory experience by both travelers and travel administrators.

ProFILER Express creates a seamless process whereby a traveler can log into a central portal, manage their travel profile information and book reservations from the same, universal location where it is disseminated across each of the potential booking systems instantly.


 Key Features

  • Optimal Single Sign-On functionality available
  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Updates from company’s HR feeds
  • Multiple languages available
  • Facilitates GDPR compliance
  • Quick and cost-effective implementation & maintenance
  • Unparalleled customer support

We work with all GDS’s, TMC’s and OBT’s worldwide.

Easy & Accessible

Trondent developed the first-ever profile management solution for the global travel industry over twenty years ago. Today, ProFILER Express is the leader in web-based travel management systems. It puts you in control of your information and instantly synchronizes across all booking systems. Since it is entirely web-based, no software or hardware installation is requires. ProFILER Express is accessible from any device with an internet connection.


Real-Time Updates

The ability to sync traveler profile information in real-time to all global distribution networks (GDSs) and online booking tools (OBTs) is ProFILER Express’s greatest strength. When a traveler updates his or her profile, multiple targets are synchronized instantly. As soon as new or changed profile information is saved, the GDS, OBT and all other downstream targets are  updated accordingly. That said, Trondent only syncs data to targets specifically requested by the client.



ProFILER Express offers standard travel profile templates prepopulated with basic fields necessary for travel purposes such as contact information, passport details, loyalty/rewards accounts and traveler preferences. The profile template is tailored to your company’s needs and preferences.  For global corporations, ProFILER can be translated into multiple languages with the click of a drop down menu.

We Take Data Security Seriously

Trondent ProFILER Express features secure encryption, efficient breach notification functions and a host of other tools that make it simple to comply with GDPR. Trondent receives profile data and stores it in our database. We restrict data collection to exclude information not strictly necessary for travel. Daily backups are sent to a secure, offsite storage facility where they are stored one week before being recycled.

Fast Self-Service

The traveler maintains his/her own travel profile by adding only the pertinent information required for travel. They can view and/or modify their own data simply by logging in with a unique username and password

HR Feeds

Improve data integrity with HR one-time or real-time ongoing feeds.  This way, you can automatically build profiles for new hires or delete profiles of former employees who leave the company. 

Personalized Portal

Custom URLs allow you to personalize your traveler’s profile management experience to your brand.   ProFILER Express creates custom reports and data exports. Create a seamless user experience by branding your portal, profile forms and URLs

+1.3 million traveler profiles