Authorizer Suite

Automate and Optimize Pre-Trip Authorization

Key factors in the decision making process are left up to chance without automated logic to handle complex travel.

The Authorizer Suite family of products allows corporations to implement an efficient cost effective pre-trip authorization process to improve travel policy compliance and eliminate wasteful spend on air, hotel, car and rail.  It is the most comprehensive and customizable tool on the market. 

Effortless Pre-Trip Approvals

Whether you are interested in implementing the latest trends in travel policy management such as sustainability calculator and custom policy compliance tolerance levels or simply want to enforce some basic policy critieria through your pre-trip approval process, Authorizer Suite can deliver.

Choose from Authorizer AI, an artificial intelligence driven platform, or any of the two Authorizer PRO platforms – Advanced and Basic, to implement the approval solution which best fits your company’s goals and culture.  All of our solutions are designed to eliminate the pain associated with trip approvals and help you create an effortless, global, customized authorization process that improves traveler experience and almost completely eliminates the need for manual approval to result in significant elevation in travel program adoption and drastic reduction in travel spend each year.

After introducing the first automated pre-trip authorization software back in 2003, we have been perfecting the tool over the last 17 years.  Each version of the product has redefined what is possible in travel policy compliance management and has established Authorizer as the most advanced, comprehensive and effective tool on the market.  Over 2,000 global corporations in over 135 countries utilize the software.  The Trondent Development team continues to innovate and bring exciting new features and solution upgrades, determined to consistently deliver greater value for our clients.

For more information on the Authorizer Suite features and capabilities, please refer to the Product Comparison Chart or contact our sales team.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence to Pre-Trip Approval

Trondent’s newest pre-trip authorization platform, Authorizer AI, is the only AI-based solution of its kind on the market today.  The solution utilizes a forward-chaining rules engine capable of handling even the most complex travel policy and process requirements.  The rules engine considers a multitude of facts originating with PNR contents and corporate travel policy, and extends to other relevant facts obtained by data feeds or web services calls into corporate ERP systems, risk management providers, weather, government resources, or the results of rule execution, delivering unprecedented capabilities in the automation of pre-trip authorization.

Authorizer AI processes trip requests and generates decisions in a way similar to humans.  Unlike binary decision workflows, which process exclusively True/False type rules, we can now offer highly diverse rule types giving travel managers the ability to implement even the most subtle of variances in their travel policy and allowing for the most customized approach to managing compliance.  This makes it easy to satisfy the needs of all your travelers while keeping the travel budget in check.

Authorizer PRO Advanced

Authorizer PRO Advanced was developed to facilitate the pre-trip authorization process for companies wth a multifaceted travel policy and pre-trip authorization process.  Our team works closely with the client to create a custom trip authorizatio workflow reflecting their unique requirements, policy and process.  A robust rules engine allows for the implementation of unlimited number of advanced rules, unlimited number of approvers and facilitates complex booking scenarios with its rule-chaining capabilities.

Authorizer PRO Standard

Authorizer PRO Standard serves corporations with a simple travel policy and trip authorization process.  The solution offers basic automation of the authorization of trip requests in which all trips are forwarded for manual approval.  It allows for the implementation of single or multi-level sequential decision workflows, as well as single or multi-level shotgun workflows.

An email notification including all relevant trip information is sent to the Approver.  The Approver has the option of submitting a secure, on-the-go decision directly from email or via a website.  Once a decision is entered, the traveler is notified and can proceed booking the trip or making required changed.


We are OBT, GDS and TMC Agnostic

Comprehensive Reporting

Authorizer AI brings new possibilities to the reporting we provide to you.  Would you like to know what types of violations are most commonly made by your travelers?  Or which travelers are consistently violating policy, and which rules they break? Or which policy rules are most often “overruled” by your approvers, by whom and how often? What is the average amount of deviation from 100% policy compliance for your company?  How do you compare to the averages of other clients?  These are just a few examples of the types of data analysis you can find in our new reporting tool.  As always, our goal is to give you real-time, practical information helping you see the full picture, make timely adjustments when necessary and elevate the efficiency of your travel programme.

Access to essential travel data derived specifically from your organization can be used to establish concrete travel guidelines that may or may not already be built into the corporate travel policy.  In a larger corporate environment, analyzing travel details from each employee sounds tedious, but Authorizer PRO enables this process to be completed efficiently and effectively.  Enhanced reports including Scorecard Reports, provide insight and greater detail into the booking and approving behaviors of individuals and the entire organization.  These reports allow you to determine who regularly violates travel guidelines and more.


Consolidated Reporting

Consolidated reporting across GDS, TMC’s, online and off-line bookings


Selection Criteria

Report selection criteria by PCC, Corp ID, Cost Center, Traveler


Complete Details

Lost savings, Trip Authorization status, Trip details, Decision process and Policy Compliance