Locate, Track and Provide Duty-of-Care For Your Travelers

I don’t know where my travelers are.

How can I reach them and provide duty-of-care?

  • Display travelers location on a graphically interactive map
  • Swipe airports, regions, and/or specific traveler location details
  • Provide complete overview of all travel activities

Do you have a way to easily and quickly message travelers?

Provide travelers with time sensitive information and enhance safety

  • Communicate with travelers on the road
  • Send time-sensitive communications via SMS or email
  • Improve security with time-sensitive updates and enhance traveler safety
  • Provide information on delays, closures or crisis situations
  • Access travel data to take charge and connect with all travelers as needed

Would you like to ease traveler discomfort during delays?

Supports across multi GDS and multi TMCs

Supports online and offline booking

Robust Reporting



Generate reports to track travelers


Identify Patterns

Identify travel patterns and vendor usage

Manage Trends

Manage travel trends with management reporting

Fast Self-Service

The traveler maintains his/her own travel profile by adding only the pertinent information required for travel. They can view and/or modify their own data simply by logging in with a unique username and password.   

HR Feeds

Improve data integrity with HR one-time or real-time ongoing feeds.  This way, you can automatically build profiles for new hires or delete profiles of former employees who leave the company. 

Personalized Portal

Custom URLs allow you to personalize your traveler's profile management experience to your brand.   ProFILER Express creates custom reports and data exports. Create a seamless user experience by branding your portal, profile forms and URLs